Week 5 – Day 32 – Yoga Head Stand Prep

Thursday – March 7, 2013

Strength Building Yoga – Rodney Yee – Prepare for Yoga Headstand

jennifer-jarrett-yoga-headstand2 I have been doing yoga for about 3 years now and consider myself an advanced beginner. I understand all of the basic moves and have been strengthen my core by doing a lot of plank exercises over the past month.

I feel I am now ready to take my practice to the next level and learn how to do a headstand. Strength Building Yoga with Rodney Yee goes step by step into learning how to do a headstand and getting your deep core muscles prepared to do this move with confidence.

Although the head stand is pretty impressive, I was curious WHY you would want to do it and was amazed at my findings! Here are a few of the cool benefits of doing a head stand:

  • Fresh nutrients and oxygen to the face – which creates a glowing effect on the skin
  • Decreasing onset of grey hair by increase nutrient and blood flow to the scalp
  • Stimulate refreshed blood to the pituitary and hypothalamus glands
  • Helps flush out adrenal glands which decreases depression and anxiety
  • Improved circulation as the heart does not have to work as hard to pump blood
  • Edema (puffiness in the legs/feet) is able to drain and reduces the onset of varicose veins
  • Great workout for your abs

Part of my yoga workout today was to stay in downward dog for 2 minutes to strengthen the shoulders, and it was difficult and my arms were sore today! I am not able to do a headstand yet, but I hope in a few weeks I will be able to.

*Summarized from “10 Reasons to do a Headstand Everyday, by Lisa Mitchell”.

Layout of day 32:

5:45: Wake. large glass of water, 1/2 coconut mojo bar (100c)
6:15-7:00: Strength Building Yoga – Rodney Yee
7:30: 1 whole wheat tortilla (Trader Joe’s brand), 2 egg whites, 1 tsp humus, glass of water with my vitamins (210c)
8:00: 1/2 Organic Mama Chia seed drink (60c)
9:30: Wallaby Organic Cherry yogurt, with a small handful of flax-seed and walnuts, 1 cup chi tea (240c)
10:30: 1/2 Coconut Chocolate Mojo Bar (100c)
12:15: 1 cup brown rice, steamed veggies and wild salmon (300c)
12:30: Celery lemon aid fresh blended juice drink (200c)
2:15:  1 organic cheese stick, 10 almonds, small handful of kashi cereal (230c)
4:00: 1 medium banana (100c)
6:30: 2 organic grilled chicken tenders, 3/4 cup of brown rice and quinoa blended, with eggplant, sprouts, kale, garlic, lemon and a little olive oil and gravy (300c)
7:30: seaweed snacks (30c)
9:00: Zbar by Cliff (130c)
9:30: Bed

Estimated calories: 2000
Estimated water intake: 4 liters
Drinks:  3 cups black tea, 1 cup green tea
How I felt today: I felt run down today, like I was catching a cold? Not sure.


5 thoughts on “Week 5 – Day 32 – Yoga Head Stand Prep

    1. Jenny Baird Post author

      Awesome to hear it! Yoga is really difference then the hard core pounding workouts. It took me a little while to get used to it and appreciate it. I love it now!


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